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Thread: Blackberry to iphone

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    Blackberry to iphone

    deleted post
    Last edited by JacquesZA; 30-08-13 at 07:12 AM.

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    RE: Blackberry to iphone

    It's a shame that BB tried so hard, but they are losing ground hand over foot.

    One tiny but important issue that RIM never allowed on the models I am familar with is the inability to sms a business card. U call that smart? Even a R100 Nokia can do that


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    Blackberry to iphone

    Great work! Don't stand up for nonsense! Congrats to your wife, bet she loves it especially after the BB

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    RE: Blackberry to iphone

    Download Whatsapp. I'm prepared to bet that a large portion of your wife's contacts who were on BBM will already have it... Sadly, no special on right now so it's $0,99 in the App Store but messages are free (except for the data you use).
    Well done on not backing down with Vodacom... It is possible to get the service you really should here but sometimes you just need to shout a lot first.

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    RE: Blackberry to iphone

    Quote Originally Posted by JacquesZA
    As a iphone user for a while i know what apps are the must have... She already has whats app, onava, fb, twitter, news24 etc

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    Good man!

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